How does the booking process work?

Before we even book your event or session, I will schedule a quick "intake" call with you.  During this time we will chat about you, what you are seeking in terms of services, the style of event, and basically get to know one another.  If we feel we are a good fit and you would like to book, I will then take all the pertinent information and input you into my Client system.  I will then forward you a questionnaire, contract and invoice for your deposit through email.  The contract is signed electronically by us both, and the deposit is due within 48 hours of the contract signing.


Deposits will vary depending on the package you have selected.  All deposits are due within 48 hours of signing your contract, locking in your event date on my calendar.  Deposits are 35 % of your package or session.  The balance is due two weeks prior to your event date.  Payment plans are available. 


Many ask what is a Timeline? This is the specific listing of all activities happening at your event, from the beginning of your day with hair and makeup, to the moment you ride off into the sunset at each other's side.  This document will be shared with all of your vendors to keep thing's on schedule and flowing smoothly.  I will send you a blank timeline, and a sample timeline to view.  We will work on this together.  It is my job to help you determine the time we will need to obtain awesome images, allow yourself some downtime, and the basics of what takes place when.

Within 24 hours  of your event/session, you will receive a "Sneak peek" of  2-3 images posted on my social media Facebook Business page.  Your session will be up on my blog within 72 hours with more images for you to love.  It will take 4-6 weeks to cull and edit your entire gallery, once complete you will be emailed a link for your own personal on-line gallery!  **You may share your sneak peek images on social media.   Due to copyright laws, I ask you to please tag my studio and do not remove any watermarks.  

What happens next?


Details Box 




We all love those dreamy, intimate details you put into your special day!  To make sure none are forgotten or we are not scrambling around trying to find something important last minute---I ask all my couples to gather all of their "detail" items in one special details box.  This way when I arrive on site, I can just grab this box of loveliness and began shooting. Suggested items to include are:  Complete Wedding invitation suite, Save the date card, All rings (please include the engagement ring), perfume bottle, your jewelry (necklace, earrings, broach) crown/tiara or hair ornament, garter, bouquet, shoes, family heirloom, something borrowed/or blue, and anything else of importance.  Guys: Have your tux ready, shoes, ties, tie pin, cuff links, and personal jewelry items such as a pocket watch or watch, shot glasses, cigars and anything else you want to remember your big day/.


Client guide

After booking your wedding with Suzanne Lytle Photography, watch your mail!  I will be sending out a beautiful client guide covering the Wedding experience.  There will be sections on engagement sessions, posing, what to expect---and much more!

There are many things to consider when selecting a photographer.  Almost all Professional photographers do great work, and you will have to decide if their "style" of imagery fits you.  Some prefer the dark and moody, while others prefer the light and airy--timeless look.  There is no right or wrong answer here, it comes down to you and your personal taste.  For me, the most important thing in selecting a photographer is their personality and the client experience.  Will you feel comfortable spending 10+ hours with this person?  Do they make you feel positive about yourself, and offer gentle instruction?  What about that "Wow" factor?  Will they be in contact with you throughout the process, or will they just show up on the day of your event?  Ask them how they work, what to expect, and what they provide with their services.  I know price is a major concern for most people.  Verify what is included in the price.  The industry standard is anywhere from 50 to 75 images per hour.  If your photographer is offering you a limited number of images and up charging for each additional, will this be a savings for you?  Next, how will you receive your images?  Do they offer on-line galleries only, or provide digital images and a back copy on USB?  Do they offer archival quality printing?  Spend some time compiling a list of what is of the most importance to you.  Do some research.  Check out their Instagram and social media posts.    

 My goal is to provide you with an exceptional client experience and to become a "friend" throughout our journey together.

Tips for selecting the right photographer for you