Who I am, and my Why...............

Suzanne Lytle Photography

Me at work….

Yes, I even carry the brides train.

Hi there, I am Sue.......(Suzanne is just too formal for me) owner & lead photographer for Suzanne Lytle Photography.  I am so honored to meet you.  


I am an extrovert and enjoy meeting new people.  I love connections and that warm, fuzzy feeling I get witnessing so many special moments.  This is my calling and my passion.  I love serving others by presenting them with a tangible way of remembering that feeling.  To be able to look back years from now, and that moment still be as fresh, as vivid as it was when it happened.  My goal is provide you with a quality family heirloom you will treasure forever.


Thank you for letting me into your lives, your hearts and your family.  


People often ask why I chose photography.   The answer is simple.


I love raw, honest emotion.  The smiles.  The laughter.  The tears.  That special look which passes between two people in love .  Capturing these fleeting moments, these little precious snippets of time, is what makes my heart happy.  Life passes much too quickly, and we often forget to slow down and cherish the present.  This exact moment, right now.  To just be.  And adore.


I am usually the one behind the camera, but this is me with "my" girls on my son's wedding day.

My Story

I am a single mom with 3 amazing children, who continue to amaze me daily with their positive outlook and passion for life.  Years ago, I suffered a spinal cord injury which affected my life, my relationships and self worth.  I struggled to over come this set back, and life took on a whole new meaning for me.  I vowed from that point on,  to life life fully, to pay it forward whenever possible, and  bring sunshine and laughter to those around me.  I expanded my photography hobby into a career, and chose to serve others through my artistry and ability to capture these special times in their lives.  Making people happy, makes me happy.  I am a hugger, and most my clients become an extension of my family...so know you matter to me.  I am an emotional person, and I am not afraid to show it!  Yes,  I cry at  all weddings and even sappy commercials.  

I have taken formal training in photography, currently mentor under some Ah-maz-ing photographers, and belong to several Professional Photography organizations.  I attend yearly workshops and conferences, keeping abreast of industry trends and changes.  I love learning, and believe everyone has room for growth.

I have been a member of the Girl Scouts Organization for over thirty years, and have mentored hundreds of young women from ages 5 to 18.  I love working with children, and seeing the wonder and amazement in their eyes.  I have also worked with the Friends of Forster Kids Organization, helping abused and neglected children see there is good in the world, and people do care!

I am an artist, musician, avid reader, and history buff.  I love Law & Order reruns, the History Channel, HGTV, and the Hallmark Channel.  Christmas is my favorite of all holidays.  The lights, the tree, the traditions.  I set up three trees in my home every year---starting right after Halloween.  One tree is decorated solely in homemade ornaments my family, and children have made over the years.  It is truly one of my favorite things!  I love musicals, plays, and adore old 40's movies.  Gene Kelly can lighten my mood anytime!

I do not drink coffee, (I guess I never grew up there) but love Sweet Tea and Cherry Coke.  I have a killer sweet tooth, but I really do not care for cake.  Go figure?  Give me some Key Lime Pie, fresh baked Chocolate Chip cookies, or brownies----and I am in Heaven!

I lived on a working farm in Michigan, and just looooove animals.  I am happiest outdoors camping under the stars, snorkeling in the Gulf, or hiking a mountain trail.  Colorado is my favorite place to be, the peace and serenity in the Rockies is surreal.  I love to travel and experience new cultures.  And I am not done yet. There is still so much of the world for me to see!

Suzanne Lytle Photography

I have two amazing Second Photographers on staff, and a wonderful assistant.  Together, we work smoothly and efficiently to make each session an unforgettable and happy experience.  My goal is to provide you not only with quality images you will love, but to make the process fun, engaging and simply an all-around great time.  If you are nervous about your session, I will coach you on the 4 common poses,  and even assist with outfit selection and timelines.  Once you book with me and become part of the SLP Family, I am here for you to help with any questions, insecurities or just to chat!

Maybe we can meet up over a sweet tea someday soon.  Hugs, Sue

ROCKY MTN2015.jpg

My girl scout troop exploring Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park, Colorado--Taking 7 girls through 5 states in 10 days is an experience I will never forget! Push yourself to live each day to the fullest.

Look for beauty everywhere you go....

San Diego, California----Exploring the mountain side on a break from a Photography Workshop!